I was born, Mikze Xilokiir, in a small elven community that I don’t really recall very well.

My father was an entertainer, talented in playing multiple instruments and singing, Linee always told me I got my voice from him. Father was playing music constantly, not that I’d remember. He passed away when I was less than 20. It was then that my mother decided that Linee, my older sister, and I were to go traveling with her.

Since then we’ve rarely stayed in a place longer than a few weeks. Mother taught us how to use basic weaponry for self-defense but was determined that we learn as much as possible, especially languages. Being well off we were able to take classes in Sylvan and Orc everything else we learned language wise was in travel or was spoken in our village.

When mother was killed for mistranslating a difficult spell, Linee and I became traveling scribes and would occasionally entertain the people around us with story and song. We were hurting financially at this point, all the money we had had been used on our education. It took a while but Linee found some work. The peoples seemed kind of shady but they paid her well. After a couple of weeks they took my sister away. Since then I’ve been looking for anything that would bring me closer to finding her.

And that brings me here – to Lynn’s Brook.


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