Kyriah was born to an elfen father and human mother who met because they both had the desire to travel. When Kyriah was thirty he decided that he would leave his family and the gypsies to venture forth to a monastery, where he could learn how to be self sufficient while still being able to appease his curiosity and love of travel.

With his petite and slender build this angular half-elf found it easier to not wear armor but instead adorn himself in the traditional wraps and robes of a monk. While training, the monks taught Kyriah to not be so physically emotive and to improve the lives around him. Although some monks frowned upon physical violence Kyriah found that by using his body and simple items around him he was able to easily defend himself and those around.

Instilled with the teachings of many monks of different heritage, for Kyriah never called one monastery home, he went forth to improve his skills and aid those who behave with honorable intentions.


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