Welcome to Lynn’s Brook

Lynn’s Brook is a small farming town that is about a week’s travel to any other people and it only has a population of four hundred. The main street connects all the inhabitants and when its winter, like now, the spring near the top of the village is the only way they can get fresh water before a true snow fall.

It seems I arrived after quite a kafuffle.  According to the townsfolk a while back there had been quite the war and after that ended there had been a few squirmishes with the Orcs. A few of the paladins got together and made the raids end and thusly became local heros. Since then, for the last six months or so, things had been pretty quiet though and the paladins who had been worshiped not too long before quickly took to drink and gambling.

A few weeks ago a monk arrived here, wanting to stay for a little bit before continuing on his way. He aided farmers with the fields for the most part, trying to get the last of the crops in before they all went bad. But the storms came and Kyriah wouldn’t have been able to get his horses and carriage safely through the passages, he found refuge in the local cleric church. The clergy gnome, Phinik, introduced Kyriah to the high priestess who was trying to heal a sick farmer.

Unsure of what was causing the illness there really wasn’t much that Allarha was able to do. Slowly more people became ill – coughing up blood and having fevers but no one knew how to fix it. It ended up that there was a poisonous herb growing around the watering spring. Fortunately a local clergy ma Phinik was able to remove the last of the weeds and sanitize the water. Unsure of what the weeds were Marley, the local herbalist did some research and found what would be needed to cure the people of the town before fatalities could ensue.

Phinik, Kyriah, and one of the human paladin, Samson were gathered together to go to the old Dwarven monastery to see if there was any of the dried herb left that would aid the people in the town. When they arrived, they found that some kobalds had decided this was to be there home and attacked the three on sight. The first kobald was a coward and ran through a small hole in a collapsed wall, the second two remained to fight, but they were cunning and had laid a trap.  Samson fell twenty feet down. While the Phinik made sure he was alright Kyriah single handedly deafted the last two kobalds.

In dire need to find the herbs they decided to continue through, when they next ran into the ghost of a dwarven monk who didn’t quite know he was dead. After convincing the dead monk that he was indeed gone, with a “high five” maneuver he let them continue though the monastery giving them directions to the dry storage.  Unsure how the ghost missed the dead body behind the door he was protecting, Samson reluctantly took the unused shield and the Phinik said a prayer before taking a war hammer.

Due to how long the building had been uninhabited there were a swarm of rats that needed to be killed to be able to continue through, in a bit of a frenzy the Samson killed most of the rats while Kyriah and Phinik tried to aid, unfortunately the paladin got bit by some of the rats and slowly became ill.

Finally they made it to the store room and quickly were able to gather what was needed as well as a bit more when a cold shadowed hand touched the clergyman draining him of much of his strength.

In a mighty glow, Samson took a swing at the shadow and did it some harm, when in turn the shadow reached through the paladin’s armour and squeezed his heart. Phinik cast some light and Kyriah continually struck at it until it finally disappeared.

They quickly looked around the rest of the monastery when they found a quarter staff for the monk, and then made the two day return trip to Lynn’s Brook where they administered the herbs to all who were ill. It took three days for Phinik to heal Samson’s wounds and health back to normal.

And then I arrived, but apparently things have been going missing…


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