This will be a continually updated page until the game ceases play. It will include all characters, places and creatures that have been introduced into the story so far.


Game Master (GM) is Nic. We are playing a modified game in a world created by the GM. This is the GM’s online information about the Game World

  1. Kev –  half-elf monk Kyriah (started play May 14, 2011)
  2. Chris –  gnome cleric Phinik (started play May 14, 2011)
  3. Vince –  human paladin, Samson (started play May 14 ,2011)
  4. Kay – elven bard Enaphia (started play May 29,2011)
  5. Hannah – haflling ___________ Vinatti (started play May 29,2011)


  1. Dwarf High Priestess – Allarha is a woman of 90
  2. Mayor/Judge – Pam is easy going
  3. Cpt of the Guard – Percy is a highly paid “douche-bag” who gambles and drinks when things are slow in town
  4. “Hobo” Hobgoblin paladin – personal guard to Percy
  5. “Gobo” Hobgoblin paladin – personal guard to Percy
  6. Herbalist/Apothacary – Marley
  7. Dwarven Ghost Monk – guarding the monastery from danger this monk fell asleep and passed away, unfortunately he doesn’t believe he’s dead.
  8. Halfling Barkeeper -Jonas


  1. Lynn’s Brook
  2. The Dwarven Monastary

Creatures Encountered:

  1. Kobalds
  2. Rats
  3. In-corporeal ghost

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